Perched on a cliff of orange, lemon and olive groves, Sorrento , overlooking Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields and is, with its incredible landscapes, one of the largest cities of the Sorrento Peninsula.

The origins of the name of Sorrento blend with the ancient myth of the Sirens.
Probably founded as a Greek colony, it was later invaded by peoples of different dominations until the arrival of the Romans.
During the Roman period it was known as Surrentum.

The city was so special and charming, that it became a favorite holiday destination for the Roman patricians.

It is in this city that Torquato Tasso lived part of his youth to which is dedicated a square, also several actors, such as Sofia Loren, have made films of international success.

Sorrento has several areas with panoramic points overlooking the sea, numerous pebble beaches with equipped facilities, a quaint old town with craft shops and restaurants of Neapolitan cuisine, a museum, the Museo Correale, with evidence of painting and decorative art and local archaeology, various centuries-old churches, such as the Convent of San Francesco complex with its arches, the Cloister and the variety of plants, and the Marina with the small fishing village that retains the charm of ancient times.