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Our car rental service makesrental with driver from Naples to Positano e viceversa.

It has a fleet of vehicles ranging from the Berliana car to the 7-seater minivan to the 8-seater van exclusively with driver.

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Main Services

  • Naples airport hotel rental with driver
  • Tours and excursions in Positano
  • Transfers at weddings and ceremonies
  • Driver services for companies at meetings and conventions
  • Transfer to the Amalfi Coast
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Things to do in Positano

Positano is a picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast, known for its steep cliffs, pastel-colored buildings and scenic beaches.
Some activities for tourists in Positano include:

Exploring the city centre: take a walk through the narrow streets lined with shops, cafes and restaurants.

Visit the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta: this iconic church features a stunning Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary and a tiled majolica dome.

Enjoy the beaches: Positano has several beautiful beaches, including Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia di Fornillo, where you can sunbathe, swim and relax.

Hiking on the Path of the Gods: this panoramic excursion offers breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Take a boat ride: explore the coast and the nearby villages by boat and enjoy the view of Positano from the sea.

Shopping: Positano is famous for its local ceramics, leather goods and fashion, so don’t forget to take home some souvenirs.

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  • Naples airport hotel driver service 4 or 8 hour tour


Positano , is the pearl of the fascinating Amalfi Coast, which extends vertically like a crib set in the rock. 

The sea can be reached through small alleys made of white stone, full of craft shops and restaurants offering menus of local and international cuisine, mainly based on fresh fish.
From the sea, you can admire the colors of the city with its white houses decorated with fuchsia bougainvillea flowers, the bright green that colors the Lattari Mountains and, finally, the silver gray beach pebbles.

It is a magical and seductive view that attracts many tourists and artists every year.
A poor fishing village until the boom of tourism in the late 1950s, Positano is now among the most visited places on the Amalfi Coast.

From afar, Positano looks like a small hill where pastel-colored houses with red roofs are all standing next to each other overlooking the bay. Some in fact describe it as a living crib!

When you walk to Positano , you feel captivated by its simple but extraordinary beauty, the sea can be seen practically everywhere and you will have a wide choice of cafes and restaurants to choose from. Over the years Positano has also become famous for its fashion in linen dresses, leather shoes and leather bags: a real surprise for women who love windows!

Another point of interest for those interested in architecture is the church of Santa Maria in the center of the village which also houses works of art dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. .